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Please enjoy our blog. We will be updating this blog periodically with stories, tips, fun facts, and photos from real weddings of couples from Boston, the South Shore, Cape Cod, all of Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to see the Canoe Club Ballroom in person, please set up a private tour.

Wednesday, March 28 2018



More and more couples are getting married on Friday evenings nowadays. Having a wedding on Friday night leaves the rest of the weekend open. Now, you can unwind and enjoy some quality time with close friends and family during an amazing brunch or gathering the next day!

With a Friday wedding you can get walking down that aisle a lot sooner than a prime Saturday night! Here at the CCB we have some amazing savings for a Friday evening wedding during peak season, as well as off-peak season savings. 

With the saving you are getting at your venue, you can afford to splurge on some extras you’ve always wanted! Perhaps you’ll upgrade that photography package or book a longer honeymoon!

All of your guests will love to blow off some steam at your big bash after a long work week! Start the weekend off right with a Friday Night Wedding!! 

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Tuesday, March 20 2018




Now that your significant other has popped the question, it’s time to think about what kind of engagement photos that you two want to have. We think having an engagement shoot is great idea.  It’s important for you two to become comfortable with your photographer prior to your wedding. Another reason to have one is to use some of the photos for your upcoming wedding. We have seen some great uses for them as décor, guests books and even part of wedding favors. 

This is a great time for you two show off your personalities, or a hobby that you two enjoy doing together. You can incorporate this into your shoot whether it’s a prop or location. If you two are foodies, try having your favorite restaurant as your backdrop. If there is a place that is significant to you two, you can go there and reminisce and take photos. 

We love creative and unique photos, like shoots at your local Target, or winery, or if you two love to travel, why not take them while you two are jet setting! 

We hope this gives you inspiration for your  furture engagement shoot. 



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Wednesday, March 14 2018









You’ve planned every last detail for your upcoming wedding with us a the Canoe Club Ballroom, now it’s time to plan that fabulous honeymoon! There are endless options when choosing a honeymoon destination.  Some want a quiet beach vacation; others a wild adventure! Today we have gathered some fun honeymoon ideas for you to consider! 


Relaxation at its best, after planning your picture perfect wedding, a quiet beach vacation can be the best place to relax! Many couples like to go to the tried and true resorts of Mexico & Hawaii. For adventure-loving couples, the truly difficult part is deciding what challenge to take! Try zip lining through the rainforest in Costa Rica! Europe is full of entrancing countryside’s and stunning castles, no wonder it’s a popular destination for honeymoons. Classic romantic cities like Paris, Rome, Florence and Venice are within train rides to one another. Honeymooners can rent an RV that has a bathroom, a bed, and a kitchenette or opt for a car and take the road trip hotel route.  Costal California is full of scenery and has excellent food and attractions! Cruises have everything that the newly married couple would want or need on their honeymoon! A cruise always has excellent food, entertainment and accommodations!


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Wednesday, March 07 2018









Thinking of having place cards for your wedding day? Well, you are in luck because we have found some creative alternatives to the traditional white folded place card.  These awesome ideas will certainly impress your guests, plus they are a great take away from your wedding day!


If you like the idea of the traditional white place card, you can elevate it to fit a more formal event, by adding beautiful calligraphy, then stamped with a gold seal. Another fun idea is to  add a personalized tag on a napkin with each guests names on it. It's a great way to finish off a formal look.  If florals are your thing, paper flowers with attendees’ names on them is perfect for a flower-filled event! Last but not least on our list is for the music lover. Hand paint wooden instruments with your wedding colors, arrange in alphabetical order! Super fun and creative and your guests will have a fun trinket to take home with them to remember your speical day! 




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Wednesday, February 28 2018









It’s easy to understand why people write their own wedding vows, it’s one of the most special ways to make your big day more unique. We always love hearing the romantic personal vows during ceremonies at the Canoe Club Ballroom. Having personalized vows can bring tears of joy to your guest’s eyes! Don't worry if you are not a poet, we have gathered up great ideas to start your wedding vows and have you put pen to paper! 


Start your vows one month before your wedding day, planning for the big day will be almost all done, and you can focus on your vows. You will want to start separately, schedule some alone time to write your wedding vows independently, before sharing them with your significant other. You’ll want to ask yourself questions when writing your vows, how did you two fall in love? What do you admire about your partner? How do you see your future for the two of you? Asking these questions will easily translate into wedding vows. Once you are done with your personal thoughts, look through books and poems that you love to read. Then you can add your favorites to your vows. Lastly, focus on what your marriage means to you? What are you saying yes to? Think to your future and what you want the future to be for the two of you. 




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Wednesday, February 21 2018





Thinking of something fun to do for your favors for your wedding? Why not give your guest a yummy snack to take home with them. Your guests will absolutely love it! After the cake and the awesome late night station, an extra treat or two never hurt anyone! Food and drink favors are really fun, and you can show off your DIY skills! We have gathered up with some great ideas that you can give your guests as they depart your wedding!


Donuts are a really fun option to give your guests, you can personize the packaging with your wedding date on it, or a fun little saying like “ all you need is love and donuts”.  We absolutely love the idea of putting nostalgic treats in a mug with your new monogram on it. Another  fun idea is to choose your favorite beverage and add a customized label with either your wedding date or  better yet, personalize each bottle with your guests name!  If you have a family recipe for an amazing chocolate chip cookie you can give them out to your guests in a personalized paper bag with your new logo on it!



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Tuesday, February 13 2018










Looking for a fun way to personalize your wedding décor? Why not make the most of your new name! Your brand new monogram can easily make its way into your special day without much effort at all. Here the Canoe Club Ballroom, we have seen this timeless trend over and over and we love it! We have gathered our favorite ways to incorporate your new name throughout your special day with us!


An isle runner with your future monogram is a romantic way to personalize your ceremony. Also, a ceremony entrance is  a perfect place to show off your new initials. You can also personalize your wedding bouquet, finish the bouquet with silk ribbons with your new monogram on them. 


For the cocktail hour and reception, there are great ways to add your monogram here and there. We  love the idea have personalized cocktail stirrers. Try adding  an elegant monogram to your cocktail napkins for your guest to use throughout the night. A traditional cake with your new initials are a perfect cake topper! As for a fun favor idea, we love the idea of having cute koozies with your new family crest on it, that your guests can treasure forever!


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Wednesday, February 07 2018








When you start planning your wedding, there is  a good chance that your celebration will have symbolic meanings throughout the day. A classic symbolic element to a ceremony is the exchanging of the wedding rings, which symbolize the eternal commitment to your significant other. Certain symbols find their way into the special day without much effort at all. There are many different themes that you can honor at your wedding, and we have gathered some fun ideas to incorporate into your special day with us at the Canoe Club Ballroom.



Consider having  doors as a  backdrop to your ceremony as well as a backdrop to your sweetheart table at your recpetion. Doors are passageways, which mean they represent transition, just like the two of you becoming a married couple.


Cherry Blossoms

We have seen this many times here at the Canoe Club Ballroom. Cherry Blossoms blooms in the spring, and are seen as a sign of renewal. This would be a perfect theme for a spring time!



The caterpillars metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly is the perfect symbol for rebirth, you can incorporate  them into your special day very easily with favors, décor, even display them on your wedding program.



Perfect for early spring celebrations, these lovely early blooming flowers are a great representation of new beginnings. Use these blooms in your centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnières.


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Wednesday, January 31 2018





     Who says that that your reception should be the only fun part of your special day! We think you should personalize your ceremony just as much your reception, and make it exciting and meaningful! Now, when you start thinking about your big day, you’ll want to visualize how your friends and family will remember your big day, and think “Wow! That was so Katie & Josh”! We have gathered some fun ideas to make your ceremony a one to remember!

     First, you may want to consider making your program very unique and you! Pick out your favorite fonts and put fun facts about one another, even some history of how you two met and your journey together. Using an engagement photo on your programs is another wonderful way to make it personal. Another wonderful way to make it personal is to have your little ring bearer carry your rings in something unique, like personalized pillow or a memento box. For your sweet little flower girl, have her carry your favorite flower! If you are not having a religious ceremony, have someone from your family like an uncle or aunt, or a close friend officiate your ceremony for you! A really fun idea for your exit would be to place party store noisemakers on the ceremony seats, so when you the two of you exit, your guests can jam out! 



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Tuesday, January 23 2018










Cold weather weddings are beautiful, but getting dressed for the occasion can be tricky. You don’t want to underdress in fear of catching a cold. Overdressing may make you look like a giant marshmallow, and you don’t want that! We have come up with some great ideas on how to stay warm and stylish on your wedding day here at the Canoe Club Ballroom.


Let’s start with the obvious: wear layers! With the temps dropping over the winter months, layering is crucial to stay warm going from indoor to outdoor locations. We suggest wearing leggings, tights, or shapeware that will keep you warm under your gown.


You’ll want to upgrade your accessories for the chilly weather as well. If you are a classic bride, why not choose some bold accessories for your special. Glitter heels, feathers and pops of color will add touch of glamour to your look. If you are want something a bit more dramatic, a pair of leather gloves and a wide brimmed hat will be very chic!  


High necklines are not just in style, but they will keep you warm too! Have fun covering up, with a fur coat, or even better a faux fur stole! Some wrap alternatives you can choose from are a wool scarf or pashmina, or even an alpaca wrap that will add texture to your bridal look. 



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