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Please enjoy our blog. We will be updating this blog periodically with stories, tips, fun facts, and photos from real weddings of couples from Boston, the South Shore, Cape Cod, all of Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to see the Canoe Club Ballroom in person, please set up a private tour.

Wednesday, July 27 2016


Casey & Louis

Wedding Date: June 17, 2016

Wedding Color: Light Pink

“The girls at the canoe club are amazing. I was married there three weeks ago and still can not believe how stress free the whole night was. The food was amazing, the venue looked picture perfect, and the girls there were able to deal with my crazy wedding guests. My guests are still telling me how beautiful the canoe club looked. When I went to the girls with ideas that most had made me feel crazy for (like skipping the first dance, cake cutting, and bouquet toss), they were just as excited as I was and made me feel 100% confident that everything would transition smoothly and nothing would seem awkward (which it did and everyone was a huge fan of the night being more like a party than a traditional wedding). If I could do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing!!!”


Casey & Louis: Thank you both so much for allowing us to be a special part of your wedding day here at the CCB! It was truly a pleasure working with you both! We loved that you were both able to enjoy your day, and be present in every moment possible! We wish you both all the very best!

<3, Jillian, Stacy, & The CCB Events Team! 

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Monday, July 25 2016


If you are not an avid wedding goer you may not be aware of “proper wedding guest etiquette”. With so many do's and don’ts, it can be hard to keep track of everything going on as a wedding guest. And you may have heard there are certain things you can and cannot do as a guest to a wedding. Check out these common wedding guests myths that are really more fiction than fact.

Don’t wear Black to a Wedding

It is often a misconception that black is only to be worn for somber occasions like funerals and should not be worn during joyous occasions such as weddings, but this is simply not true. Go ahead and wear your favorite little black dress to the wedding. In fact black works great for everything from winter or evening weddings, to black tie affairs.

You Always Get a Plus One

Just because you received an invitation to the wedding don’t assume you have also received a plus one. Unless your wedding invitation specifically includes a phrase like “and guest” don’t assume you are free to bring a date. Many times couples have to work within limitations when it comes to their guest list so you don’t want to be the guest who brings an uninvited tag along.

You Don’t Have To Send the RSVP

This myth is almost never true, even if you are sure the bride and groom know you will be attending the wedding you still need to fill out the RSVP card and send it back to them before the requested date. The RSVP card has important information on it that the couple needs to provide to the venue. Remember you’re not the only one invited, the couple will have to keep track of all their guests, so do them a favor and make sure to send back your RSVP.

The Couple is Responsible for Your Accommodations

If you are traveling to a wedding from far away you will have to make travel accommodation on your own. Although many couples will reserve a block of hotel rooms to help get a better rate for their out-of-town guests, don’t expect them to foot the bill. No matter how far away you are traveling the couple isn’t required to pay for your hotel. If you are unsure where to stay you can always ask the bridal party for recommendations.

You should always go to the couple for wedding-related questions

This one is a big no-no especially on the day of the wedding. Don’t assume that the bride and groom should be your first stop for all your wedding day questions just because it is their wedding, they will have enough to deal with. Try asking your wedding related questions to the bridesmaids or groomsmen you can even try the parents of bride or groom before turning to them for answers.

Shopping from the registry is impersonal

Many times guests feel that shopping from the registry is impersonal and they want to show how much they know the bride or groom by buying the couple a gift that they have not registered for. The registry is there for a reason, the couple has chosen these items because they are either things they need for their home or they are gifts they want. If you still want to add a personal touch to your wedding gift try adding a note explaining why you chose that gift. 

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Monday, July 18 2016


It is no surprise that planning a wedding can be stressful. With so many moving parts and details it can be hard to juggle everything. One major way to simplify the wedding planning process is by having your wedding ceremony and reception at one location.  A single wedding venue offers convenience in timing and transportation while also alleviating the stress of finding two locations while planning.

Many couples quickly learn that trying to coordinate dates and times for both a wedding ceremony and a reception can be difficult when utilizing two venues. This can lead to a stressful situation when trying to plan out the timing of the big day. Sometimes there is a considerable time gap between ceremony and reception which can leave guests with too much time on their hands and then a burden of scheduling some other activity to keep them busy.

A singlewedding venue is not only beneficial to the couple but to their wedding guests as well. Driving to multiple locations can be confusing, time consuming and difficult for older guests who are not as mobile. With one location guest can relax and enjoy everything the wedding day has to offer.

Single venues can be more cost effective as well. You not only save money by only booking one venue, but you also can save on things like transportation costs by only needing a limousine service for pick up and drop off rather than an extended block of time.

From convenience, to transportation, and even money, there are many benefits of booking a single venue to host your ceremony and reception. Canoe Club Ballroom offers one of the best ceremony and reception venues in Massachusetts. Providing a beautiful scenic outdoor ceremony space, indoor ceremony location, and a spacious ballroom for the reception-- you can relax knowing the Canoe Club Ballroom will take care of all your needs on your wedding day.  


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Wednesday, July 06 2016


Melissa & Michael 

Wedding Date: Sunday, June 5 2016

Wedding Colors: Hot Pink & Orange

"I have wanted to write this review for a while now but I have not had time to sit and give it the attention that I want so I am finally getting to it now lol.  Mike and I had our wedding at the Canoe Club on June 5th of this year.  When Mike and I got engaged we looked at a few venues for our wedding.  Not only were we won over by Jillian and Stacy right away by how professional, knowledgeable, and personable they were but I personally fell in love with the grounds.  I always wanted to have my wedding ceremony and my reception at the same place, and when I saw the gazebo and how it was right next to the water I was sold!  As we went along with the planning, I kept thinking of how beautiful having this outdoor ceremony was going to be.  Also as we went along with the planning, I got more and more nervous lol. I have become aware (especially through the process of planning a wedding lol) that I am a control freak lol. I get very nervous to the point that I micro mange every detail of things to make sure everything is perfect.  However not only did Jillian and Stacey answer every text/ email that I threw their way quickly and detailed, they were able to “handle” me so well that I was so calm at the wedding that I scared my maid of honor!!  She thought I was medicated lol!!  They even followed up with all of my venders to make sure they were all set!! I know because I called lol (hence control freak!!) They were also very kind and attentive to my family which meant  soooooooo much to me.  My grandparents who I respect very, very much had their own set of questions and ideas and Jillian and Stacy listened and answered all of them.  My aunt also made my favors and was very concerned on how they would be handled and placed on the table.  Stacy realized how much pride my aunt took in her work and reassured her and myself that they would take care of them.  As the day of wedding got closer I realized it was going to rain and my anxiety went out of control because I realized I was not going to have my outdoor ceremony.  I woke up the day of wedding with a positive attitude and realized that I can’t control everything (especially the weather lol) and that it was going to be ok.  However as I pulled up to the Canoe Club in the limo and saw no chairs set up at the gazebo my anxiety/sadness came back.  However when I saw Jillian with her signature bun and genuine warming smile waiting for me at the door my anxiety went away.  I knew that they were going to make sure my wedding was beautiful for me no matter what, and boy was it!!!!  My ceremony was organized and just as beautiful inside and Jillian and my wonderful photographer even took us out to the gazebo for pictures!!!  They made sure Mike and I had a big umbrella while they stood in the rain and took our pictures.  They came out so great that I almost cried when I got my proofs!!!

I am so happy, and grateful that I chose the Canoe Club Ballroom as my venue for my special day.  Stacy and Jillian have a special way with people that you do not see too much anymore. I know for a fact that they do a lot of weddings but they made me feel like mine was so special. They are experienced with weddings so everything is very organized, but they pay so attention to detail that they make everyone’s wedding unique and specific to them. Thank You so much Stacy and Jillian for making my day magical.  I will never forget it!!!!" 


Melissa & Michael: Thank you both for allowing us here at the CCB to be a part of your special day! It was truly an honor meeting and working with you both! We absolutely loved your batman cake topper, and your dance with your dad was adorable! Thank you again for sharing your experience with us, we hope to have the opportunity to work together in the future!! 

<3, Jillian & Stacy 


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Friday, July 01 2016


So you have arranged the perfect seating chart but that’s only the first step to keeping your guests happy at the reception table. Even if you seat friends and family together it’s almost inevitable that there will be some strangers sitting together. And since there is nothing more awkward than a table full of strangers, consider these simple tips to helping your guest break the ice.

Conversation starters: These simple conversation starters are sure to get guest talking. Think of easy and fun questions and write them directly on your table number card. This way each guest will have something to bring to the table to get the conversation started.

Get hands on: Give guest something to do with their hands. Favors that they can unwrap and play with at the table are the perfect way to break the ice. Things like Rubik’s cubes, mini checkers or tic tac toe are sure to start a little light-hearted competition for instant bonding. These toys are especially helpful if you have kids at your reception. Create a “games” table for your guests to enjoy!

Get wordy: Mad libs is the perfect way to get people laughing and joking. This simple and easy game lets your guest complete stories by working together. And for a cute and personal twist make these stories about the couple!

Lean on your Friends: Recruit some of you most lively, outgoing and well-known friends and family members to help get the party started. Their task will be to ensure everyone at the table is introduced, included and having a good time!

Try these simple tips and tricks and your wedding guests will be laughing and chatting in no time at all!

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