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Monday, July 18 2016


It is no surprise that planning a wedding can be stressful. With so many moving parts and details it can be hard to juggle everything. One major way to simplify the wedding planning process is by having your wedding ceremony and reception at one location.  A single wedding venue offers convenience in timing and transportation while also alleviating the stress of finding two locations while planning.

Many couples quickly learn that trying to coordinate dates and times for both a wedding ceremony and a reception can be difficult when utilizing two venues. This can lead to a stressful situation when trying to plan out the timing of the big day. Sometimes there is a considerable time gap between ceremony and reception which can leave guests with too much time on their hands and then a burden of scheduling some other activity to keep them busy.

A singlewedding venue is not only beneficial to the couple but to their wedding guests as well. Driving to multiple locations can be confusing, time consuming and difficult for older guests who are not as mobile. With one location guest can relax and enjoy everything the wedding day has to offer.

Single venues can be more cost effective as well. You not only save money by only booking one venue, but you also can save on things like transportation costs by only needing a limousine service for pick up and drop off rather than an extended block of time.

From convenience, to transportation, and even money, there are many benefits of booking a single venue to host your ceremony and reception. Canoe Club Ballroom offers one of the best ceremony and reception venues in Massachusetts. Providing a beautiful scenic outdoor ceremony space, indoor ceremony location, and a spacious ballroom for the reception-- you can relax knowing the Canoe Club Ballroom will take care of all your needs on your wedding day.  


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