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Please enjoy our blog. We will be updating this blog periodically with stories, tips, fun facts, and photos from real weddings of couples from Boston, the South Shore, Cape Cod, all of Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to see the Canoe Club Ballroom in person, please set up a private tour.

Monday, June 22 2015


Wedding Date: June 20, 2015

Color: Turquoise with a little beachy inspiration!

Michelle and Dan wanted their special June day to be perfect in every way, and it was! They had selected the perfect ceremony site (a beautiful church in Plymouth), wedding venue (here at the Canoe Club Ballroom), palette of colors (a soft turquoise blue with hints of coral) and the perfect customized monogram for Dan—a salute to our Super Bowl champs,  a Patriots monogram!

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day for their outdoor formal photos, as they began to arrive from the church. The sky, a beautiful blue, matched the bridesmaid’s dresses. As Michelle arose from the limo, a smile crossed her face—the big day she had planned (and texted us about! ) was finally here. 

As family members arrived for cocktail hour, some snuck over to see the happy couple’s photos take place in the gazebo and courtyard area. One of the groomsmen even captured some extra footage with a GO-PRO camera, just to make their special day a little bit more memorable!

As the wedding party began to line up for their grand introductions in the bridal suite, Michelle’s mother and father were first in line.  “This is his baby, his Cinderella”, her mother said softly as a big smile crossed her father’s face. His little girl would always be his little girl—but today she became Dan’s wife and that was something to be celebrated! J

Here are a few of the many special moments we captured from their big day!




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Monday, June 15 2015



Wedding Date: June 13, 2015

Colors: Hot Pink and Lime Green


Kristin and Peter had the perfect June day for their outdoor gazebo ceremony this past Saturday! As Peter and his groomsmen began to arrive, so did many of their immediate family members in excitement! Everyone was anxiously awaiting the start of the ceremony and of course, our bride Kristin’s arrival! 


As the white stretch limo pulled up to the bridal suite doors, ladies dressed in a beautiful pink began to emerge from the car. Kristin finally makes her way out of the limo, graciously says hello then immediately yells, “I KNEW IT!”. She had caught a quick glimpse of Peter’s aunt who at the last minute was able to attend their special day! The day was already perfect in Kristin’s eyes, but she still had to make her way down the aisle surrounded by her friends and family to her future husband, to Peter. 


Peter didn’t seem nervous, or at least he didn’t to us as he and the groomsmen began to walk down the aisle. Everything was going just as planned….or atleast it was until Peter’s parents began their walk down the aisle. Just as Peter’s parents were able to reach their seats, the best man (sorry! :) ) had accidentally dropped Kristen’s wedding band into the mulch underneath the gazebo! Once we realized what had happened, Stacy (thank goodness!) was able to find the ring and present it back to the best man before the majority of the bridesmaids (and Kristin!) realized what had even happened—talk about a close call! :) 


After their beautiful ceremony had ended, formal photos began on the stone bridge across the river and the guests made their way into the venue to enjoy cocktail hour! What better way to begin your special day, than with a memorable story that will last a lifetime! (We’re pretty sure their cake cutting ceremony also “takes the cake” for greatest cake smash of all time!) 


Here are just a few of the many special moments we captured from their big day! 





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Wednesday, June 10 2015

Summer Weddings at the Canoe Club Ballroom are always inspired by bright, beautifully bold colors and creative themes! 


Whether you are planning a beachy-nautical inspired theme, a garden-esque affair complete with mason jars and bud vases or a vintage/burlap theme—you have endless opportunities to showcase your theme through linens and table scape decor! 


Here are just some of our summer favorites from past weddings here at the CCB! 


Jaime & Nick: Beachy/Nautical! 




Josh & Chris: Elegantly Garden-esque!




Tina & Michael: Vintagely Beautiful! 



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Monday, June 08 2015

As the beginning of our summer wedding season quickly approaches, we could not be more excited about the emerald green grass and our newly-landscaped courtyard area and grounds! 

What better way to embrace the upcoming season than with bright, beautiful blue hydrangeas and pink rose bushes greeting your guests as they make their way into our venue and courtyard area!

Our newly-landscaped courtyard area and grounds will now include:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Rose Bushes
  • Azaleas
  • Shasta Daisies
  • Day Lillys
  • Holly Trees

....and we are SO excited!! :) 

Here are some of our favorites beginning to bloom! 









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Friday, June 05 2015



Throughout the wedding process and into the wedding, there are many traditions that our couples look forward to enjoying. When your wedding day comes along, there may be no bigger single attraction than the first dance. With the hustle, bustle, and stress of wedding preparations and entertaining guests, the first dance is a crucial time for newlyweds to slow down, embrace one another, and celebrate their union in love. The first dance is not only a special time for the couple but, the mark of dancing and celebration for all in company.


Through the course of 50 plus years of weddings at our venue, the first dance has been transformed from the traditional waltz or formal dance to just about any dancing you can think of. Your wedding is the perfect time to break tradition and choose the song that best represents you and your partner's love! No matter how each couple decides to dance, each couple must choose the song that's most important to them. Need some inspiration?


Here are 10 of Canoe Club Ballroom's "Greatest Hits":


Song Title

Song Artist

“All Of Me”

John Legend

“I’m Yours”

Jason Mraz

“Wonderful Tonight”

Eric Clapton

“Can’t Help Falling in Love”

Frank Sinatra

“Thinking Out Loud”

Ed Sheeran

“How Sweet It Is”  

Ray Charles

“Marry Me”

James Taylor

“ I Will” 


“Let’s Stay Together”

The Beatles

“The Way You Look Tonight”

Al Green


As long as your first dance wedding song has a special place in the couples' heart, it will be perfect! 

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Monday, June 01 2015



As your wedding day quickly approaches, your special to- do list seems to be getting even bigger! One of our favorite parts of the wedding planning process is the cake tasting appointment, and trust us this is definitely one to look forward to!


Decorative design and the shape of the cake are just a few things that you will chat about, but the cake flavor (or flavors!) are the most important! What better way to try the different flavors a bakery has to offer than sampling them for yourself! (Our favorite is red velvet!)


Here are a few tips to help make your bakery experience a great one:


1.) Research cake styles ahead of time! This will help you figure out if you want a round, square, mad hatter shaped cake before your appointment so you will be able to focus better!


2.) Decorative scrolls, rose ruffles or an ombré look? The design of your wedding cake is also a very important aspect as it will capture your personality and may even showcase your wedding theme!


2.) Bring a swatch! If you have a swatch of your wedding color make sure to bring it so that everything matches!


3.) Wedding Cupcakes or Cake?! We find that about half of our couples decide on wedding cupcakes instead of a traditional cake due to the abundance of flavors they can offer! Cupcake tiers allow you the opportunity to pick up to 10 different flavors for your guests! Just make sure you order the traditional small top tier cake (anniversary cake!) to place in your freezer and eat a year later to celebrate your marriage!


Be sure to set up your bakery appointment by atleast 4 months prior to your special day! Here are our favorite recommended bakeries to help get you started!!


Veronica’s Sweetcakes


Cake in a Box 


Just Desserts 





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