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Please enjoy our blog. We will be updating this blog periodically with stories, tips, fun facts, and photos from real weddings of couples from Boston, the South Shore, Cape Cod, all of Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to see the Canoe Club Ballroom in person, please set up a private tour.

Wednesday, February 22 2017

The wedding veil is an iconic bridal accessory, dating back to roman times. Veils come in a  wide variety of lengths. From short and sweet to long and dramatic! The veil will finish off any bridal look!


Bird Cage Veil

This is the shortest veil length, usually worn just covering the eyes or extending down to the chin. They are super stylish and low hassle.


Shoulder - Length Veil

These beauties brush the shoulders and go down to the middle of the back. These are a bit more fashion forward, with a touch of tradition! This is a great option if there are details on the gown. 


Elbow – Length Veil

This choice is elegant and easy to handle when combined with a blusher. Perfect with a fuller dress or ball gown! This would be perfect for a daytime affair.  


Fingertip – Length Veil

The most popular veil by far! It flatters most brides and their dresses! ~ Think Kate Middleton


Chapel- Length Veil

Here we have a real statement piece! This veil goes all the way to the floor, also called a sweep veil.


Cathedral-Length Veil 

Here we have the grandest of them all!! They are perfectly suited for formal affairs, and they will be perfect heirloom piece to pass down!


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Wednesday, February 15 2017

Now that you’re engaged, it’s time to start planning your upcoming wedding. You will have many decisions to make in the next several months. From the venue, to your bridal gown, to what your maids will wear! We are gathered some beautiful bridesmaid dress options that are right on trend for your upcoming nuptials! 


Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics like chiffon have been very popular for the past several years. It doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Long gowns with layers of sheer fabric give an ethereal look! If you want to play up the romance, choose a lighter color!

Flutter Sleeves

Whether the dress is simple or embellished, adding a flutter sleeve creates a vintage feel. Choose a gown with a soft floral pattern or one that has a gorgeous color. 

Two Piece

This choice is a bit more daring for a bridesmaid dress. It is perfect choice for a fun affair! Mixing different fabrics together make it look modern and chic. A sparkle top with a fun soft skirt is a great combo!


Don't forget to call the Canoe Club Ballroom for a Tour & Bridal Appointment!!

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Wednesday, February 08 2017

Most engagements are between 12-14 months long, so you may only have one Valentine’s Day to celebrate it while you are engaged. Why not make this Valentine’s Day extra special with your sweetie!


Celebrate your Engagement

He doesn’t have to get down on one knee again, but you two could return to the special spot he popped the question. If you are unable to go back to the very spot, you can reflect over how magical the moment was over a romantic dinner!


New Traditions 

Maybe you two always went to dinner and a movie when you two were dating. Try starting new traditions with each other that you two can carry into the marriage!


Quality Time

Don’t focus on extravagance this Valentine’s Day, you have a wedding to plan! Keep the fancy stuff for next year! Have a nice quiet evening at home, or start the day with a romantic breakfast!


No Wedding Planning

Absolutely no wedding planning! That means no crafts, no guest count talk…nothing! Take the day to enjoy each other’s company and remember why you two are together in the first place!


Don't forget to call the Canoe Club Ballroom for a Tour & Bridal Appointment!

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Wednesday, February 01 2017

Chances are you won’t be able to meet every wedding guests upon their arrival. A wedding welcome bag is a perfect way to welcome your guests who have traveled to attend your wedding. Here are some great tips on how to assemble a wedding welcome bag!


Choose versatile carryall

~ get creative when picking out the bag 

~ opt for a canvas reusable tote

~ add a creative motif 


Local Treats 

~ try a bag of local made chips, like Cape Cod Chips 

~ give the gift of dunkin donuts, they can enjoy a cup here and when they are home!

~ anything sweet or savory from local places that you two love!




Something to sip

~ Toss in a drink or two, like bottles of water so they stay hydrated!

~ A bottle of bubbly or the grooms favorite beer 

~ Add a creative touch by personalizing the bottles with your motif or monogram


Personalized It

~ Add packet of seeds that the bride loves.

~ Grooms favorite snack

~  A fun passtime, like a stack of cards if you two love playing card games!




Don't foget to call the Canoe Club Ballroom for a Tour and Bridal Appointment! 

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