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Wednesday, May 06 2015



Weddings are the most exciting moments in almost every single person’s life. The individual wedding is at the forefront of people’s memories after the fact but the events & planning before are surely exciting as well. The bridal shower is a time you get to meet with all your friends and receive gifts for your new life you are about to enter. Games are something you can integrate into Bridal Showers to jazz things up.    


Bridal Shower games are far from required but if you are looking to spice things up, you should absolutely consider adding one. Chances are you will have a range of different ages at your bridal shower and plenty of people who are unfamiliar with each other. One way to ensure a fun time and to get people friendly with each other is to include one of these classic bridal shower games to get things going.


Bridal Shower Bingo:

Bridal shower is extremely similar to the normal game of bingo with a wedding and bridal twist. First, just replace the word BINGO, with BRIDAL. Secondarily you’ll need to replace numbers with facts relevant to the to-be-web in each square. For example, each square may be a town the bride met the groom or the name of their first pet.

Follow the rules as you would traditional BINGO and the first person to  mark a line in a row wins a prize.


Wedding Jeopardy:

Create a chart by labeling a piece of paper with the brides name written across the top. Then along the side of the chart add several different categories (cities, foods, restaurants, colors). You can then create questions that pertain to each different category. After your main chart is created, you’ll needs to give out pens ad note cards for each guest. It may also be fun to give out a prize to the winner as well to make it more competitive.

To play; each person gets a chance to pick a category. When the question is called out, each person in the room will have minute to write there answer down. After a minute, everyone will show their answer and those people with the correct answer will get a point. The person with the most points after the game, wins.


Make your entire wedding process that much more enjoyable by taking advantage of every event and planning activity. You are building memories that will last you forever! 

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