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Tuesday, October 31 2017

Displaying photos at your wedding is a wonderful way to honor the past while celebrating your future, and it makes for great for great décor too! The best part, you can easily display your photos in DIY projects that fit your wedding theme! For instance, if you are having a rustic themed wedding, pin photos to twine. Going the vintage route, frame black and white photos of past generations. Want something off the beaten path? Wear your photos around your neck in a beautiful locket.


We have seen so many amazing photos series over the years at the Canoe Club Ballroom. We've seen photos used as décor, favors, escort cards and even floral arraignment enhancements. At the end of the day a photo series tells a story of your relationship and paints your guests a clearer picture of how you two met, fell in love, and got engaged! To inspire your photo displays we have found some awesome ways to display your photos!


Photo Gallery 

For a twist on the traditional photo wall, create an oversized frame with a vibrant background to display black and white photos.




Gather a collection of photos of the two of you and display them in a window frame for your special day!




Honor and pay respect to your family members by donning their photographs in a vintage locket or pocket watch, on your wedding day!



Collect old photos of your friends and family and print them onto midweight card stock to be table assignments!




Take your snapshots from your Instagram feed to a new level and use them as escort cards!



Wear all your favorite photos in a beautiful charm bracelet on your wedding day!





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